Are you looking for a Wedding Officiant?
I am a non-denominational ordained minister.  I perform weddings for both religious and non-religious affiliation. My service as a wedding officiant is to bring forth the magnificence of the union of marriage within the service.   My background in acting and improvisation definitely helps offer ease when things don't go as planned.   ie.  An example was the time when the brides iPhone alarm went off right in the middle of the ceremony.

Jim is a wonderful and ideal Wedding Officiant

Everything we wanted in our Wedding Officiant was satisfied beyond our hopes with Jim. Our ceremony was outdoors and required our request to meet before sunrise, to trek up a step incline/hill and walk of about 1/4 mile over rocky surfaces and then follow a high trail to the rocky spot we picked. Jim was more than willing to accommodate our request. His sincerity and pleasant manner and care in which he delivered the ceremony was terrific. We felt as if we were with a friend, not just an Officiant. We recommend him highly!

My PERFECT Wedding!
I asked Jim to officiate my wedding and he graciously agreed. I can't say enough about how beautiful my wedding turned out to be! Jim was prepared and articulate and the ceremony went perfectly! It will forever be a day to remember! Thank you Jim!

My husband and I looked for our wedding officiant for awhile and everyone we didn't click with, until we connected with Jim! He was the sweetest man and was amazing to work with, letting us be in control of our ceremony and being the backbone to support our ideas! I really recommend getting in touch with him because you'll see why he's the best to help with your special occasion! We absolutely loved him!

Jim Sharp was amazing! Jim was amazing and made us feel comfortable from the very first email exchange. We enjoyed having him marry us and be part of our celebration!
Thank you, Jim!