What is Psychotherapy?

Psyche = psychological muscle + Therapy = healing = Richer, juicier life

Making things more complicated than they have to be is the nature of a stressed psyche.  This is why I provide very simple psychology principles to help facilitate quicker healing.

I work with married people, family issues, PTSD, stress and anxiety issues and teens.


  • MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING My specialty is in interpersonal relationships.  I have developed a process which I termed the Deliberate Communication Method™ "Done with Careful Consideration”.  What works about this process is that it meets people where they are with their communication skills. The process starts by introducing awareness around emotions and how to understand how they affect our ability to see the perspective of the other. The first stage has been designed to give people tools to learn at a rapid pace before moving to more advanced concepts. Stage 1:  Expectation       Stage 2:  Expectancy      Stage 3:  Expectasis
  • DEPRESSION Depression is a tool of the psyche to save itself from overwhelming pain that the person is not yet ready to deal.  In the short term, depression is a good thing.  In the long run, it has the effect of diminishing returns.  If you're reaching out for help, you are most likely to start dealing with the pain that has caused your depression.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the symptom from Post Traumatic Soul Disconnection. In all realms of my counseling it will boil down to the relationship we have with our soul. For soldiers and others who are affected by egregious experiences, this can be extremely painful and disconcerting. The most difficult part of PTSD is the inability to sleep and rid haunting thoughts. We work together in three realms of dealing with turning this part of life around. If you have PTSD and don't resonate with my approach, again, please seek out someone who can help. This issue is overwhelming. Seeking help is a real sign of maturity.