What disturbance are you experiencing in your life now?  

We all get to places where life finally feels too overwhelming to handle on our own.  Are you experiencing the pain from an intimate relationship, lack of an intimate relationship, parenting, depression or anxiety?  

One thing we must all come to understand is that we live in a radically shifting world.  The rapid evolution of our ability to communicate with one another has changed our culture extremely quickly.  Young people are being raised with parents who come from a vastly different youth experience.   Those of the pre-technology age are both struggling to hold onto beautiful parts of their generation while trying to fit in and figure out today’s generation.  

How do we find a peaceful mind and joyful heart in all this craziness?  

Often, the first contact reaching out for help comes when anxiety finally hits it a crescendo.  The first sessions will be focused on what’s happening and how to get life back to some sense of normalcy.  The next sessions will focus on the reasons for therapy and goals.  As we work together, I will suggest many different exercises that work toward your specific goals.

Depression Counseling

 Depression is a tool of the psyche to save itself from overwhelming pain that the person is not yet ready to deal.  In the short term, depression is a good thing.  In the long run, it has the effect of diminishing returns.  If you're reaching out for help, you are most likely to start dealing with the pain that has caused your depression.

Marriage Counseling  

When I began my own experience in marriage counseling, each counselor made it known that they could not guarantee they would be able to save our marriage.  Now, as a spiritual counselor, I still agree with this sentiment, it would have been powerful if they had shared a message of understanding for the foundation and function of marriage.  So, I will share mine with you.  We live in a world ripe with human whimsy and a desire for instant gratification.  This cultural phenomenon runs perfectly counter to the sacredness and sanctity of marriage.  Rather than a traditional view of marriage, I hold a real world view of marriage.  The basis of intimate relationships is for the betterment and evolution of both individuals.  Our culture doesn’t support the aspect that in marriage spouses will experience times of connectedness and times of separation.  It is in these experiences where the most beautiful personal growth is available.  

It is my job as an intermediary to recognize what dysfunction may be present.  Dysfunction always has two sides and so navigating this through personal boundary work is a large key to success.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the symptom from Post Traumatic Soul Disconnection. In all realms of my counseling it will boil down to the relationship we have with our soul. For soldiers and others who are affected by egregious experiences, this can be extremely painful and disconcerting. The most difficult part of PTSD is the inability to sleep and rid haunting thoughts. We work together in three realms of dealing with turning this part of life around. If you have PTSD and don't resonate with my approach, again, please seek out someone who can help. This issue is overwhelming. Seeking help is a real sign of maturity.

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I work out of my home and also via video chat (preferably) or phone.  If you want to schedule an appointment or have an urgent matter, contact me at 719.659.2611 or Email at JimwithJoy@gmail.com


My base rate is $50 for a fifty minute phone session. In person psychotherapy $100 per session and 5 Pre-paid Sessions for $400  

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