There is a distinction between ego living vs soul living.  Our culture's narrative is based deeply within fear.  Our news agencies function around the premise that if it bleeds it leads.  Our own accepted mental health programs are based around helping people function within our own dysfunction.  These dysfunctional approaches leave people exhausted from an ongoing negotiations between egos.  Our culture has a hard time believing or even accepting that there are other ways of being motivated other than by fear. 

My approach is to begin to look at the dysfunction we want to avoid and set our focus to what we do want to experience.  I work with people either in counseling sessions where we work on particular issues or soul friending which is an ongoing relationship of discovery of your highest joy.  The soul functions very differently than the ego, however, soul's have unique journeys.  Soul friending is about discovering the language of a particular soul, not how I might get other's to be like me.  

Depression Counseling

 Depression is a tool of the psyche to save itself from overwhelming pain that the person is not yet ready to deal.  In the short term, depression is a good thing.  In the long run, it has the effect of diminishing returns.  If you're reaching out for help, you are most likely to start dealing with the pain that has caused your depression.

Marriage Counseling  

The strain of a marriage coming apart at the seams can be very painful.  In marriage counseling, we work together on stress management and to get a bigger picture of your particular situation.  I prefer to meet with people in person, but I do offer video sessions.  


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the symptom from Post Traumatic Soul Disconnection. In all realms of my counseling it will boil down to the relationship we have with our soul. For soldiers and others who are affected by egregious experiences, this can be extremely painful and disconcerting. The most difficult part of PTSD is the inability to sleep and rid haunting thoughts. We work together in three realms of dealing with turning this part of life around. If you have PTSD and don't resonate with my approach, again, please seek out someone who can help. This issue is overwhelming. Seeking help is a real sign of maturity.

Let's Talk

One of the most important aspects to counseling or coaching is rapport.  I make myself available for introductory calls each week.  These calls are no cost to you and serve as a "get to know you".  You are welcome to come with specific questions or allow the call to go where it might.  

I work out of my home and also via skype or Google Hangouts.  If you want to schedule an appointment or have an urgent matter, contact me at 719.659.2611 or Email at

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