Pro Bono Speaking

I am a fan of U2, this is not the Bono I'm speaking!

My purpose is to pass on real life applications of true self-esteem, adventure and enjoyment of this world we live.  I understand that not all events have a budget to bring in speakers.  If your event needs a positive uplifting message and you don't have a speaker budget, please reach out to see if I can make the opportunity work. If I can't make the event, I know many professional speakers around the country that might work as well.  

Speaker / workshop facilitator

Some workshop topics I've facilitated... be amazed!

  • Untangling past struggles
  • Conscious parenting
  • Deepening relationships
  • Anger, what's it good for?
  • Finding your genius (purpose)
  • Finding that joyful heart and peaceful mind

How large is your audience?  I've spoken to as few as 2 all the way to 1000.  I love to share real world applications to popular conundrums... eg. how to live in the now, how to heal from relationships, how to be present, how to judge not... etc.  

There is no box in my world, if you'd like these topics or have other ideas for me, let the dialogue begin!

Jim has performed for, presented to or spoken with the fine folks at:

Wells Fargo Capital Finance Department
4-H Youth Development
Wright Kingdom Real Estate
Trinity Church of the Nazarene
First Universalist Church
PGR (Profoundly Gifted Retreat)
Falcon School District
Mountain View Electric
Pueblo Community Hospital (fund raising event) 
Remax Properties 

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