Speaking / Host / Emcee

With Jim Sharp's strong character and authentic nature, he leaves people feeling like the know, like, and trust him. His ability to engage the audience seems effortless as he masterfully weaves story and lesson. Jim is an excellent speaker and an asset to any venue who books him. 

~Elaina McMillan, On-Air Personality, Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert


Commercial Acting & Video Production

I can work with smaller budgets and still produce high quality video and audio programs.  If epic quality production is the aim, I partner with other professionals in my field that can literally shoot for the sky with a professional drone and bring hollywood production to you.  I work with businesses to create company videos for study and example.  
(see video for examples) 

The Dinner Detective

Lead Detective, Host Emcee, All supporting rolls

"You guys were amazing from the start! You were so responsive and organized leading up to the event, and the actual event was the same. The actors were funny, welcoming, and engaging; the staff were friendly and helpful; the room was perfectly set-up. So all-in-all I was very impressed and will rave about your show as much as I can!" ~Pima Medical Institute

olympic coaches improv colorado

So much fun working improv with Olympic coaches.  


I work with people of all ages applying improv games to real world skills.   It is the absolute funnest way to develop and enhance skills for business, speaking, coaching and life!  I work with Olympic coaches, home school children, sales professionals, Librarians, MENSA kids and anyone else who wants to find a fun way to get out of their comfort zone.

SKILLS:  Public speaking, Listening, Failure, Being present, Willingness to fail, Understanding other personalities, Saying Yes and to LIFE!




Am I Right for Your Project?

(short answer):  I don't know.  The truth is that I have turned down as many proposals as I've accepted.  My passion for the industry doesn't always mean that I'm always the right fit.  

What do you have to lose by contacting me?  Nothing, in fact, I often help people find what they are looking for.  

Contact me now 719.659.2611 

Official Headshot

Jim always brings his own extraordinary mixture of presence, wisdom, and humor to his events. He belongs to the new class of teachers who mingle humility and mastery in their work of transformation.
Elaina McMillan
Elaina McMillan Comedian, Speaker
With Jim Sharp's strong character and authentic nature, he leaves people feeling like the know, like, and trust him.
Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall Professional Comedian
Jim brings tremendous warmth and authenticity to the stage, sharing his own humanity in a way that invites the audience to embrace their own.

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