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 It was a very engaging class.
The whole experience was unique and engaging.
It was super fun and engaging.
I was totally engaged
 I was engaged during the all parts of the class.
These actors as facilitators was a great experience. High marks for them.
The professional actors were terrific. They really helped me to visualize various scenarios and reinforced the fact that each of us should listen to our gut feelings.
I'm not sure what further support might help me. I think the class was greatly beneficial to me moving forward at work.
Very informative and productive class.
Very informative and productive class.
Jim always brings his own extraordinary mixture of presence, wisdom, and humor to his events. He belongs to the new class of teachers who mingle humility and mastery in their work of transformation.
Elaina McMillan
Elaina McMillan Comedian, Speaker
With Jim Sharp's strong character and authentic nature, he leaves people feeling like the know, like, and trust him.
Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall Professional Comedian
Jim brings tremendous warmth and authenticity to the stage, sharing his own humanity in a way that invites the audience to embrace their own.

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