Friday, 30 December 2016 08:58

We are Bound by Our Filter, unless....

My daughter and I love the band Walk Off the Earth.  They released a single call Rule the World.  After the first listen, I was a bit perplexed as to why they had the lyric, "Heisenberg".  It made no sense with the song and figured I got it wrong. I went to Google and found lyric sites that showed the lyric as Heisenberg and others as high as a bird.  I made my way round to a band member discussing how they thought it was so funny that so many people thought the lyric was Heisenberg.

Emily and I were discussing the song the other day and I told her that I thought it said Heisenberg.  She laughed at dad and said it was soooooo clear that it was High as a Bird to her.  

I explained how I had watched a series called Breaking Bad and that one of the characters was named Heisenberg.  

Here we had two people listening to the same song, but the filter in which we listened was different. 

Does it make a difference on what we allow into our minds?  You betcha.  

This is a great example how we are constantly interpretting the world in which we live.  Unless we are conscious that this is going on, we are bound by thinking the world has one way to look at it.  

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