Wednesday, 17 February 2016 08:21

Being More Spiritual is a Trap

"Psychology can save you from the unconscious, but life must then save you from psychology", this was a slogan my mentor shared with me during the beginning days of our work together.  Being a person that was absolutely enchanted by the next piece of psychology or philosophy that would help me explain life, this quote seemed to be going against what I wanted to achieve.  I figured the more psychology, philosophy and spiritual fodder I understood, the better life would become. 

I'm one of those people who find something they enjoy and will go all in.  Tripping along inside my life, I finally bumped into a brand of spirituality that fancied my yearnings to know more about the truth of my life.  In this excitement, I grabbed my spiritual snorkel and dove into psychology, philosophy and spiritual concepts like a shark in a feeding frenzy.  With each new concept I gobbled up, the more spiritual I felt myself becoming.  I learned a myriad of psychological tools and began the discovery of so much of my behavior that was fully hidden from plain view.  This "success" increased my insatiable quest for more.  

I would walk away from spiritual conversations knowing I was "gaining" more and more spirituality.  The only thing I didn't have was the t-shirt that should have read, "I'm probably more spiritual than you".  If I wasn't actually engaging in spiritual one-upmanship, I was walking away from spiritual conversations patting myself on the back and proclaiming another win, quietly condescending the loser.  

Somewhere along the way I began to notice how my actions were in opposition to what I wanted to accomplish.  Another recognition in a way that my inner world was not in alignment with how I operated in the outer world.  I found myself living in the mush and unsavory stench of living in my own irony.  

Having the notion of becoming more spiritual, led me into working to make superficial prettier.  Thankfully, some day along my path, humility kicked in and revealed that there is a depth to life I had continued to avoid.   The more I made my inner world congruent with my outer world, more sparkly magic began to appear.  The idea of authenticity no longer became a slogan, but rather destination.  

In my quest to become more spiritual, I lost track of the fact that I can't become more spiritual, I am spirit.  The collection of spiritual concepts ironically made me live with less spirit.  

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Friday, 30 December 2016 08:58

We are Bound by Our Filter, unless....

My daughter and I love the band Walk Off the Earth.  They released a single call Rule the World.  After the first listen, I was a bit perplexed as to why they had the lyric, "Heisenberg".  It made no sense with the song and figured I got it wrong. I went to Google and found lyric sites that showed the lyric as Heisenberg and others as high as a bird.  I made my way round to a band member discussing how they thought it was so funny that so many people thought the lyric was Heisenberg.

Emily and I were discussing the song the other day and I told her that I thought it said Heisenberg.  She laughed at dad and said it was soooooo clear that it was High as a Bird to her.  

I explained how I had watched a series called Breaking Bad and that one of the characters was named Heisenberg.  

Here we had two people listening to the same song, but the filter in which we listened was different. 

Does it make a difference on what we allow into our minds?  You betcha.  

This is a great example how we are constantly interpretting the world in which we live.  Unless we are conscious that this is going on, we are bound by thinking the world has one way to look at it.  

For your enjoyment...

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Monday, 29 June 2015 07:50

Soul Friending (Spiritual Counseling)

Here's the secret to life... Follow Your Bliss!

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Depositphotos 29318165 xsAlong the path to finding deeper spiritual truths, there is an impulse that wants to share what we now know with others for free.  There is also a cultural voice that speaks to this, that anything of the spiritual nature should be passed on without an exchange of money.  

Think of whatever culture that you live as an aquarium.  Regardless of how far out we go with our spiritual thinking;  stuff like, this is all just an illusion.  Sure, this may all be an illusion, but if you haven't found the ability to walk through walls, you live in the aquarium.  If you steal a car, the authorities can take away some of your freedom.  We are currently living in this aquarium, though we may be wanting to change the scenery and how big it is.  

Within our aquarium, we have made up this thing we call money, which is our means of trading value for value.  

But this is spiritual stuff, it shouldn't be bound by the aquarium?

Put yourself in a different culture (aquarium) like that of a native American tribe.  The medicine person was the spiritual leader.  The tribes people gave authority to this distinguished person to help them with their spiritual progress.  The medicine person, within this aquarium, was an authority related to spirituality.  It is required for a person to be teaching any material to be given authority, or what they share will come across to the receiver as a peer sharing and the information has little influence.

In our culture, we trade money in exchange for value.  There is little in our culture that is taken seriously until there is an exchange of money for services.  In fact, with social media, people are sharing constantly for free.  The information is lost in sea of mass information.  There is so much of it, it is constantly being chewed upon, but rarely digested.  

If your potential customers aren't eager to exchange money for your services, then they value other things over their spiritual progress and aren't ready for your services anyway.  

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Sunday, 14 December 2014 17:00

Change the Trigger

AASRCPMNMBWThe anticipation when our favorite band is going to release a new CD is palpable.  I have followed Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers since they were an up and coming 90's band the Refreshments.  One aspect I really dig is their philosophy of unity and living life to the fullest.  Roger is an incredible lyrist and philosopher.  I have seen Roger perform over 30x and will always buy their next CD.   They have always had a positive message.  

It was the release of their CD No More Beautiful World that sent my head spinning.  I had shivers go through my body as I dealt with this very negative sounding album name.  I sucked down the negativity of the album title and purchased it.  The songs again had great joy and celebration within them.  I was left in a kind of spinning question of how they could name the album as they did.

It was in an interview with Roger that I had to deal with something I didn't want to know about myself.  Roger explained that the title could be taken in various ways.  It could be negative and depressing or it could be uplifting saying, there is no more beautiful world.  Being someone who sold myself as a cup half full person, I had to come to grips with the fact that the truth was that my first way of perceiving the world was to see the darkside.  I advertised myself as an optimist, but found that my first reaction to the world was as a pessimist.  This was an identity I had created to make myself appear "better" in the world.  

I had to work over time to change my thinking and find the beauty in all the situations I could.  

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Saturday, 13 December 2014 13:00

Soul Friending for Teens

    When it comes to SELF esteem, this is where I differ greatly from traditional and conservative psychology.  

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