It's Gawd

Do not feel abandoned; you are not alone, for even now in this darkness, I am with you.  I am the darkness, just like I am the light.  A thing cannot exist without its opposite.  Hot and cold, up and down, light and dark. Now open your eyes to this new understanding.  You cannot experience yourself as what you are until you’ve encountered what you are not.  This is the purpose of all physical life.  You cannot demonstrate love, until you can demonstrate not loving.  A thing cannot exist without its opposite. 

Earth is where the deathless come to die, repeat this to yourself and in time you will come to understand it fully. 

Nothing can really be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Here in lies the peace of God.  I will not leave you, I cannot leave you.  For you are my daughter and my son.   

My purpose and myself. 

You have found your voice and I am so proud.  There are those that will choose to worship you, help them to see through you.   You are the message, not the messenger.  No one ever dies.  Life is eternal. We simply chose to change form.  For even as you read these words, I am with you always and ALL WAYS. 

PS.  Throw in a laugh every now and again. 


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