Are we better together?

Unity believers...
What doesn't work... shoving "evidence" in the face of your opponent. Your opponent will watch the same video you do and see something completely different. Yep, that next "perfect" proof meme isn't changing anyone's mind.
 What works... Living according to morals and virtues. 
 We live in a world where people can see the same thing and have completely different perspectives. When we can't come to a consensus, we are living under the agreement that there is no unifying way to live. (see nihilism) A lot of our frustration comes from not coming to consensus. 
 Morals and virtues are the glue that "unites" us. Does anyone know what a virtue is anymore?
Here's the thing, we're all in this human thing together, so people get to choose what they believe. This doesn't make them wrong. (This is the hard part to stomach, but necessary) 
 If you believe the world is a place where we are better together, then the work is done by living moral and virtuous lives. As parents, we need to teach and model virtuous living. Modeling to people that unity makes the world and our experience here better.
Humility is a virtue and great at rooting out unconscious hypocrisy. Lashing out in "justified" anger is not the "right" anger. It is modeling nihilism. 
 Most people are unconscious to how they come to their beliefs (see fear) and are easily swayed. They learn what to believe by watching others. 
 Which scenario are you modeling? Nihilism (arbitrarily chosen beliefs) or unity (virtuously chosen beliefs)?
As for me, we live in a culture where virtues do not trend, leaving them as something that must be personally harvested daily. What isn't top of mind, gets no attention and then does not appear in the world I want. And without daily conscious attention, we ARE the unconscious ones blowing in the wind. 
 This message gets refrigerator space to remind me when I react, I have a place to return to find peace. Peace is a virtue.

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