There's no right, there's no wrong, only popular opinion

Chewing on the concept of duality this quote from the movie Twelve Monkeys popped out like a pond in a barren desert.  Brad Pitts character is ranting and throws out that there is no right, there is no wrong, only popular opinion.  I've shared this quote in mixed company, that being folks bound to the idea of duality (right and wrong) and those who see at least some falicy in this idea.  The response was very mixed in some cases very emotionally charged. 

In this post, I ask the reader to not buy into what I'm serving up, but at the very least open to seeing how true this is in our world.  

An aggregious example in my observation of popular opinion deciding what is right and wrong is that of marijuana.  I'm not sharing this post as an advocacy of the legalization, I offer this to express the silliness (hypocracy) that public opinion has chosen between what is right and what is wrong.  Our culture has chosen to legalize alcohol and make marijuana illegal.  If we compare the two drugs, the affects on society and on individuals is stunning.  Alcohol is involved in exponencially more domestic abuse situations, alcohol has a much heigher effect to make the user have aggressive behavior, marijuana has a mellowing affect on the user, alcohol kills thousands of people due to over dose, people don't die of overdoing on pot.  

The one argument big argument against pot is that it is a gateway drug to other drugs.  In my delusions, this argument does hold water, however not for the reasons of actual effects of the drug, but that just the fact that it is an illegal drug, allows the user to accept that they break the law, makes it OK to continue breaking the law.  If alcohol were the illegal drug and pot legal, alcohol would be the gateway drug.

Comparing the health of user, impact on user, impact on social interaction when on these drugs, marijuana has a MUCH gentler impact as a whole on society.  However, society continue to choose marijuana as wrong and alcohol as right.  It is simply justifications of either individual thinking or a group mentality that determines the rightness or the wrongness of an issue.  

This is the matter of the hypocracy that runs rampant in society.  If the objective facts in a situation aren't taken into consideration, what are people doing in their minds to justify their position when voting?

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