Discipline VS Blissipline

"You have a serious problem.  Naturally, you go out to find someone that will take your problem seriously."  

When I was ready to reach out to someone to finally help me get my life together, I was convinced they would help me become disciplined.  After walking this path for quite sometime, I learned that I was not the only one.  Lot's of business and life coaches market to this way of thinking, because it is what a depressed or stagnated mind thinks it's what it needs to hear.   I can't in good conscience, work with someone that believes my key duty as a life coach, is to be an accountability partner.  

Here is why; 

There are key differences when it comes to discipline VS. blissipline.  There are those that learn to discipline themselves into routines.  Few people actually succeed in disciplining themselves.  Most fail because it just isn't fun and makes life lifeless.  If discipline is successfull, these routines often have external positive results for the individual.  However, the negative results of discipline are that it is based around the idea of controlling ourselves and others.  If we can control ourselves through discipline, we often require that other people find a way to control themselves.  The basis for living "under control" is judgement rich and esteem is tied to the ability to remain disciplined. 

In my life coaching, my job is to offer many different life changing methods to increase joy.  However, at the basis of this, it is not to find everything that has worked for me, but rather what works for people who choose to work with me.  What brings me joy and what brings others, joy is often very different.  The people I work with know they are blissiplining when the activities that enhance life, are uplifting and enjoyable.  Blissiplines feel light and are free from judging how other's choose to lead their lives.  

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