Confessions of a Law of Attraction Junky

Oh yeah, I watched the movie, The Secret.  Think about what you want and you shall have it.  Oh boy, the visions boards, the affirmations and the positive thinking sure took up my priority in my life.  Most of the "dreams" were never achieved.  Luckily, I never gave up on the law of attraction, but have cerainly learned to understand it.  

What did I learn?

I did not know what I wanted!  What I had put on my vision board were all things I thought would help me achieve what we all want, happiness.  Looking back, how could I have not known what I wanted?  I live in a culture that regards money as the ultimate success.  The interesting part is that money does not guarantee happiness, no matter the amount. 

I've come to learn that what I truly desired, lived behind my fears.  I attracted all kinds of experiences that allowed me to face my fears.  As I overcame these fears, my true desires revealed themselves and I began to manifest these things into my life very quickly.  

How do I know I'm successful?  I'm happy.  Better yet, I have discovered joy, which was also hidden behind my fears and a culture fully hypnotized by trying to force happiness.  I've learned that Joy comes in flow, not force.

Everything has happened to perfection in my life.  If there was an opportunity to speak to a younger version of myself, I would give this advice.

1.  Find what you fear, have the courage to face them.  You will be a bigger version of yourself each time.

2.  Focus on your state of being.  A peaceful mind and a joyful heart work in any size home or brand of vehicle.   

3.  There is NO reason to take life seriously, enjoy the ride dude.  

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