Abortion: A Planet that Grieves Together, Stay Together

This could be humanity's biggest dilemma. In our biggest challenges, come the possibilities of our greatest accomplishments. 
Where are we on this issue? Split into 2 major vocal groups. Pro life, Pro choice battling fiercely in a barely moving tug of war. Then another group of the indifferent or unsure, that doesn't want to stir the pot. Generally speaking.
What do we see when we look at the issue in our current state of affairs? It has entered politics. What happens when it lands in this despicable arena? It loses all of it's nuance, it becomes a black and white issue and people get stuck in the cement and blindness of their position. 
What I would say to each party.
Pro life - as you cast your vote proudly each time for any pro life politician and then plug your ears, mind and heart so as to not hear the other side... this is what might be happening with your decision.
Let's say you get your way. You make abortions illegal. You pride yourself in justice for babies and your work is done. However, what if it is true that there are more abortions done illegally or in the home? Unborn dead (and probably women too) still happening, but you feel accomplished and have no culpability for your actions? You’ve done your part. What could you do differently? In the American Republican party, the pro life people, you will also be voting against a liveable wage. Creating a competition is the only way of thinking, where the idea of making it difficult on people, in hopes that this will provide the incentive to seek better employment. Possibly they can't afford to go to college? Perhaps they’ve come from from a different upbringing than you? Again no accountability in creating a situation where a potential mother doesn't want to or doesn't feel they can bring up a baby? The conservative ideology is, take care of yourself. Is this the best way to look after your neighbor? Does this perspective cover our best effort and every unique situation? Do you think people feel supported living under such a premise? This says, “I don't matter”, unless I'm digging ditches.
Pro Choice - as you cast your vote proudly each time for any pro choice politician and then plug your ears, mind and heart so as to not hear the other side... this is what might be happening with your decision.
You scream that you want all your rights to have an abortion in any situation whenever, wherever and however, with zero wait time or education for an alternative before hand. Perhaps if there were a reasonable truthful voice and a bit of time, counseling could allow space for those making a knee jerk decision? Perhaps there are women who regret their decision later on and wish that they had had a different loving perspective before their decision? Perhaps the loud voices you feel necessary to get your way politically, create a cultural message to women that abortion is no big deal? Do you want men completely removed from the equation but then demand them to show up and be responsible when they don't show up as fathers? Men get no say in whether the child is born or not, but must assume all fatherly responsibility once you've made your choice? I'm not asking the questions of just women with this view. 
The unsure - as you cast your vote proudly to stay out of the fray for any politician and then plug your ears, mind and heart so as to not hear the screams of the battle... this is what might be happening with your decision.
Your view and perspective is lying dormant because you don’t want the agitation and stress of the nastiness you see. You truly don’t know how to fix the problem even though you might see the icky outcomes of both agendas if either gets their way. You proudly walk into the voting booth or not, with zero culpability because you’re not in the fray. Does a decision to not partake relieve you of your responsibility? 
Let me stop pointing at you for a moment and own which group I lie. I’m the unsure on how to fix this problem. I’ve stepped clear of entering the fray for lots of reasons. I can see the perspective on both sides of the fight and see the impact of a political “win” either way and I don’t like either. How I see it, there are lot’s of issues in play… men making too many decisions regarding women’s health and in other areas, trying to fix the problem with one solution... justice, separating choice along gender lines and in philosophies on an economy that doesn’t support it’s citizens to raise a family. 
I’m still in the unsure, but now hopeful category. This message serves as my voice added to this situation. I want to see people stop shucking their responsibility and begin the dialogue even if it sucks and is uncomfortable. Writing this has been challenging and hitting post will be very uncomfortable. Dialogue means listening and sharing. 
This is me outing myself and owning my responsibility to be open to sharing what I believe to be right and to be available to listen to those with alternative ideas. These questions I’ve asked you to consider, I’ve sincerely asked myself. 
I’ve no doubt stuck a finger into our collective wound and I know it is sensitive from many perspectives. It is natural if your first response is a feeling of personally being attacked. I’ve felt the sting of this issue and especially when I started asking myself how I’m responsible for it. I’m ready to dive into it with each of you, free of judgment, whatever your perspective. If you feel personally assaulted, please take time before commenting. I have not covered every perspective and realize it would take a book to do so. I’m simply provoking thought and wherever you are with this, I hope this message might have you begin asking questions rather than just remaining right. As I’ve explored this issue for myself, honestly, I believe it to be the thing that heals a lot of our wounding and disconnections from one another. 
To add to the list of reasons it’s clearly difficult to bring up this issue…. I know I have dear friends who have made the decision to have an abortion. I hope you know me well enough to know that I love you and would not write this without sincere reflection that I’ve done this without judgement of you or your decision. 
Perhaps one last thought… we create the political climate. We have to ask ourselves honestly if we’ll actually let our politicians describe their beliefs with nuance or do we simply require them to have the, you’re either for us or against us mindset? 
With my endearing love for all of us,
"Your Biggest Fan", Jim

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