Best Advice for a Men's Group


Towards the beginning of my awakening, I attended a men's group.  Over three years this group met and we watched an interesting phenomenon.  Other men's group's at this particular church, began and ended in just few months.  The attrition rate of the other groups was quite remarkable.  Our group finally dissolved, but our reason was change of schedules and moving cities of the core members. 

The difference between our group and the other's was quite simple,  we never become a bullshit session.  The other groups began opting for a beer at the bar or a movie night instead of the group dynamic.  Our core group was committed to one principle: we wanted to become better men.  

I witnessed, not only my life completely transformed from this experience, but watched marriages completely turned around and relationships elevated in my groupmates.  

In retrospect, the key to our group was simple, we allowed the trickster archetype to show up and transform us.  Our culture has an addiction to the hero archetype.  A shadow side of the hero archetype is not knowing when to let it go.  For example, we often feel we have to win at all costs, puff out our chests when we meet other men and this has the effect of negating the strong feminine qualities which we also possess.  When we are on good terms with both the masculine and feminine inside us, we have no need to be in struggle with the outer feminine.  

The trickster archetype is what shows up when we live addicted to the hero archetype.  We regard this archetype as the saboteur, which has us dig our heels in even further, which often leads to exhaustion which is so common these days.  The trickster is the teacher of humility which transforms us into authenticity.  My favorite example of the trickster is egregiously exampled in the movie What About Bob? with starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. Watch it, study it, laugh.  

Humiliation vs Humility 


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