How Does Co-Dependency and Narcissism Affect the Mind?

Yin yangNow that marijuana is becoming a popular subject, more studies are being done around the effect of it over time.  Some studies are suggesting that long term users have memory loss.  Marijuana is interesting because it is often a divisive issue and top of our collective minds.  Something that is not talked about, but rather justified unconsciously, is the long term effects of Co-Dependency and Narcissism.  

I asked, what is the long term result of these two buggers?

Psychology simplified:  Narcissism - Caring for ourselves more than others.  Co-Dependency - Caring for others more than ourselves

Our collective culture villianizes the narcissist and victimizes the Co-Dependency.  Taking a more broad view of the situation, these two aspects of humanity are simply an experience of imbalance.  What happens to the narcissist over time is that they lose the rich experience of knowing other people.  Every experience we go into in a narcissistic state, we lose the perspective of the other. 

When we enter an experience with a Co-Dependent state, we lose the perspective of our highest truth.  

When we regard ourselves in the same esteem we regard others, we reach the interdependent state.  Here we soak and bask in the glory of our highest truth and are open to knowing better the journey of others.  

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