How Does Evil Get a Free Pass?

yingyangSecular (ego) Religious (satan): How do we know whether we are influenced by either? Evil frolics in broad daylight because it is not as easy to distinguish as we'd like to think. Our choices are determined by our point of view. We justify our choices by our perceptions. Most people don't question their choices and assume they are "right" simply because....
We humans have strong impulses (energy) that can direct our justifications, which directs our choices. Sex and money are great examples. Religions have recognized this aspect of humanity and has used control as the method to trying to reign this in. The result has been conformers (who become brittle and judgemental, condescending, take the darkness into the dark), dissidents (who pendulum to the shadow side of these energies) and the confused who don't feel either answer is correct and have no structure to deal with these energies.
What is left is the personal exploration of these energies. How might these impulses direct me to the beautiful aspects of life?
These energies are neither bad nor good. They are an aspect of being human. How we relate with them and entangle them in our lives is the adventure.
The guide wires to this exploration are virtues. Through the conscious study of virtues we can come to know the authentically beautiful REAL way to becoming our brightest expression, rather than the need to be controlled.
Some virtues
Compassion, Empathy, Caring, Cleanliness, Cooperation, Responsibility

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