It's the dark NIGHT of the soul, not the dark night of a LIFETIME!

Depositphotos 11993206 original 001If you are having any movement towards living a better life, there will be tough moments along the way.  The question is, how much suffering must you partake in, in order for you healing to be complete?

I have so much karma to burn off!

My problems are way bigger then most people's!

Look what happened to me! 

I can't align my chakras!  

So many past lives to deal with, it'll take more than this one to get it done!

The ego is the voice inside us that works to control our lives.  It's function is survival.  It isn't evil, but it is an incessant voice that will take the reigns if we let it.  If you've told yourself your journey is going to be difficult, really great chance it will be.  One day, it is my hope you will tire of this voice and move on.  If you do...

Avoid the "tough love" gurus, willing to slap the ego out of you (egos love these teachers)

Make the decision that life doesn't have to be difficult, thinking it only makes it so

Humor - authentic humor is the gift of the soul - wit at other's expense is that of the ego.  (egos like comedy too)

Find a mentor who lives this, not because their business is successful, but because they have found the voice of their soul 

Life is an adventure and a damn fine mystery


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