Ego living vs. Soul living

2016-02-01_13.27.36.jpgAs I drop deeper into awareness, there are always new insights to discover. One thing continues to remain consistent. Soul living vs. ego living.
As I'm seeing it...
Ego living is the consequence of fear. It is the constant measurement of me vs. everything. Ego living has us create identities for us to feel "good" or "righteous". The ego doesn't discriminate... it'll accept any religion or philosophy you choose to take the lead. It's whole premise is to be safe in superficiality. Self help, religion or philosophy can't break it's grip until a person decides to challenge their thinking and beliefs. It even creates a twisted new persona within the counter culture. What sucks about ego living is we can become addicted to happiness. Happiness is always contingent upon circumstances. If circumstances change... the house of cards can fall.
Soul living is when we come into alignment with who we truly are. Nothing to change. The deep yearnings for truly intimate relationships no longer become watered down by justifying transactional type relationships. If I do this, she'll give me that. They become deeper, as we become more real. The terms organic flow and grace begin to make sense. The soul is eager to experience joy, that which has no opposite and can be experienced through any circumstance.
The more we think we know how to control the world, the further we shove away the deep yearnings of the soul wanting to experience earth. #lifeisanadventure #liveinthemystery

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