Atheist vs. Fundamentalist

shareasimageThe epic battle as to whom can pry their opponent from their belief box first. Yes I am poking at belief systems, but also to make another point for those that are a different path, where a bit of uncertainty is available.
Perhaps what is not available to people that choose to live void of any uncertainty is humility. We are cosmic crumbs floating around in a universe our bitty minds can't conceive, yet we can look one another in the eye and infatically state we have found the truth! "It's all in this book which my particular faith interpretted this way!" "The scientific method is the only true way!" UGH
For those that allow some uncertainly or even live in anxiety of not knowing... well I would say you have access to an amazing gift of God... hmmm I mean spirit... hmmm I mean universe... hmmm I mean flying sphaghetti monster: HUMILITY. If you seek to know humility, I trust you will find how very insignificant you truly are and on the complete opposite side, how truly universally remarkable you are.
It's OK to live in a mystery and then share your stories from your adventure.
Where we live in battle land of beliefs, language gets watered down. What we think of as a tug of war to gain someone's respect is not the actual root of the word. Respect means to "look again". Hmmm... If I were to look again, I might see something different the next time, perhaps that my filter wouldn't allow?
There is a shadow side to being human. When we force ourselves into belief boxes for protection, we can't always see how we are beating up our adventure mates. Look again, be open... this ride is an freaking an amazing journey. For whatever purpose we were put here, we are here together. Together, we can collect scientific data and metaphysical experiences. We can share without needing the other to be wrong.
Your Biggest Fan,
Jim Sharp

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