Find Me a Woman Who is Attracted to the Length, Girth and Magic of My Perspective.

sapiosexual    Making the rounds on the interwebs and trending into our collective consciousness is the fast moving tidal wave of person's declaring themselves to be sapiosexuals.  As I've infamously proclaimed, If it trends, it bends... the truth... that is.  The image proceeding these words is found on the first website after sapiosexual is Googled.  Noticed how intelligence and wisdom have been meshed and entangled together; we'll explore this fascinating tidbit in a moment.  

    A teensy bit of research ( style) and you'll find that sapiosexual and the popular meme are spot on.  My contribution to this bendy trend is that I believe a lot of these people now proclaiming their sapiosexuality are truly not seeking someone that is just intelligent, but rather a mix of intelligence and wisdom and possibly not intelligence at all.  The difference is crucial.sapiosexual meme

    An intelligent man, (:the ability to learn or acquire knowledge) can go to Harvard, memorize a million facts and spout a quote from a myriad of subjects.  This same man can also demonstrate no connection with the entanglement of the feminine within himself or his partner, have no experience or understanding of compassion with any depth other than the definition or have any experience with tenderness whatsoever.  On the other hand a man without a high school diploma can understand the nuance of the mood of his partner and approach her in just the right way, dip into his heart warmed with empathy in order to tenderize a person in emotional pain and have the wisdom to be still in nature and digest the beauty until it merges with his soul.  All of this without a library card!  

    This is a very important distinction, because as we seek joy and happiness we often latch ourselves onto concepts in which drive our future.  There are those that don't feel they have the intellectual intelligence to read and digest book after book, but then relegate themselves as lesser.  This might bring up the question, maybe not everyone will be born with intellectual intelligence, but could every human be born with the ability to obtain wisdom?

    If you read this, recognizing the self induced bias of the atheist and the religious fundamentalist, you understand that one can be wicked smart and still fold themselves snugly into a box free of humility.  Wisdom is a very different animal from intelligence.  In fact, in my own experience, intelligence was one of the buggers that hindered my pursuit of the wisdom I sought. (a touch of irony here)

   So back to a self servicing point of this here article... My lovely soul mate, who prays and is seeking God to find me, know that I will woo you with the words that I learned to fill in the gaps of our language.  I will use these words to describe the beauty that is neglected and left unnoticed.  Be impressed with my mighty wit and ability to sling puns and intelligent observations that will provoke your laughter.  Also know, that this ability was the cause of a very intelligent argument and story that held me captive from knowing the depth of your beauty not long ago.  

   If you feel loved, seen and heard, it is because I'm no longer locked in a perspective bunker.  It is my wisdom and perspective that allows me know the greater depths of you.  

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