Take a Nectar Collector for a Walk, Then Watch the Magic.

tawniblakeflirtI recently traveled for a walk with a friend who lives in a different city.  She showed off the neighborhood that is lined with turn of the century houses maintained impeccably.  When we get together we chew on the rich deep wunderings of the world, especially in the regards of love.  

On this particular walk, her focus shifted from our conversation repeatedly.  She observed and sniffed flowers, spoke with residents sitting outside their homes, flirted with children to get them to smile, stood in awe of four crows performing some animal play.  I don't know that I've had a conversation interrupted so many times within the hour and half we strolled. 

When conversing over sushi after, I frankly asked her if people get frustrated with her stopping so much during a conversation.  Her first retort came after a small giggle, "Oh, I'm so sorry, it's my A.D.D."  My mind hadn't even considered A.D.D., so I was a bit perplexed before responding that she not need apologize.  

I was taken aback at first, but then realized the company I was keeping was being silly about the A.D.D..  However, I couldn't help but realize how often people come to me with a self diagnosis of this sort.

Back to the walk.

I realized right away that I would have to put on my patience pants for this walk, but that soon shifted to my delight of simply being in her energy.  I enjoyed watching her soaking in the beauty of her surroundings.  In our culture of go go go, she did the very opposite.  She interacted with people, her motive was clearly to inspire some sort of joy to be knocked loose from within them so they might brighten the world with a smile.   I know that had I come with an expectation of simply it being the two of us and our conversation, I would have been seriously disappointed.  What I experienced was so much more than what any of my expectations could have delivered.

When the A.D.D. goof came to light, I knew I was not watching someone distracted from something serious.  I was witnessing something so beautiful and rare in our culture, the feminine alive and connected to love and beauty.  Like a child chasing butterflies with a net.  I witnessed a nectar collector, soaking up all the sweetness this world has to offer.  

If someone's interest doesn't meet the needs of the culture's message, we create a dysfunction in hopes of creating a solution.  The solution is to pull people back in alignment with the culture.  Could it be that the culture might need to shift the meet the needs of it's people? 

The feminine, which is much more in tune with the flow of the world (love) and not the confines of the cultural story.  The feminine is often cast in the light as a dysfunction in our culture.   I would contend that this also leaves our culture stomping around in a pile of it's own irony.  As a masculine culture tries to reign in the feminine, to meet its patriarchal logical mission, it leaves men then asking, "why are women so not acting like women?"

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