There's More to Judgement than Figuring Out Who is an Asshole and Who isn't.

shareasimage 2"Stop judging me" "You're a hater" 

Our culture's battle over judgement can be summed up as a struggle of differing beliefs and who truly is the asshole.  

If one becomes honest and aware with this battle... there is a paradox to surf... isn't judging judgers a judgement?

The work around judgement isn't just a determination of your asshole status, your soul depends upon it.

People confuse confidence with self-esteem.  Your soul is seeking self esteem which has confidence built in automatically.  The ego will take confidence in any circumstance.  When we practice learning true self esteem, we do not have a need to measure ourselves against other people.  When people have a need to determine what is right and wrong for other people, they can be super confident, but they are providing direct evidence that they are getting their esteem by measuring themselves against other people.  

The greatest tragedy that happens when someone create confidence and esteem by outside influences is that this "good" feeling is dependent on the outside influences.  If they change, their can be a total loss of esteem in a hurry.  Hence, the traders who jumped out of windows after the stock market crash.  

How do I stop judging?

Carl Jung said the first step in self discovery is the "Not I" stage.  We begin by determining how we fit in with other people.  If you want to be healthy, you would probably not pick a smoker or someone who doesn't exerise as a mentor.  A great outward sign of people who measure themselves against other people for their esteem are often frequently found using terminal statements like; "I don't judge" or use the word "should" in reference to how someone else should live.   If you are already doing this, most likely, there is an inner lie being told.  You may be wanting people outside yourself to be convinced that you don't judge but ironically ARE judging internally.

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