The Upside to Depression

bigstock restlessThese days I am quite a jolly fellow, but it hasn't always been that way for me.  I've struggled through depression in my life.  I can look back now and understand the positive  influences depression had on helping to create my current jolliness.  


Our psyche is the psychological makeup of our mind.  The state of our psyche reveals how ready we are to "deal" with the world, and when it is healthy, we can  cope with answering life's questions and quandaries.  


Depression is the response of the psyche when we are no longer able to fully deal with life.  This may have formed over time or quickly through a life experience, such as a death or the end of a relationship.  The state of depression allows us room for the psyche to exist without a total meltdown.  Depression can then be seen as a very positive effect in the short term, but over the long run  would result in diminishing returns.  


The state of depression reveals that something inside of us is ready to die, and something new wants to be born.    When we become aware of our depression, we can manage it and begin seeking out new truth that wants to emerge and be expressed  in our life.

My worst bout with depression happened in my late twenties.  It was the result of my dreams not matching the reality of my world.  When I finally realized that I could no longer deal with my depression on my own, I finally reached out for help.  Being able to seek help from the outside gave me permission and space to let down some of my barriers, allowing  me to become open to larger understandings of the world.  

If you find yourself in a depression, gaining outside perspective can make all the difference. .  Your close friends and family are a first stop, but often it requires someone new in your life who will help you articulate the new truths that wants to blossom.

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