Why I Don't Fear My Future

jim sharp arms out wideThrough alchemy eyes...

I revisited the major experiences of my life.  I retraced the dots between the major and minor events.  I came to see that each was placed perfectly for my most glorious unfoldment.  In retrospect, my past vision was extremely directed which didn't allow me to understand the lessons and requirements that led to my life being turned upside down more than a few times.

I've come to understand that the curses I once believed contaminated my life, were actually blessings I could only see in hindsight.  With this new vision, I have no reason to fear my future as it will hold lessons and joy, each requiring their unique experience for me to become my most beautiful me.  I understand you, the you that has shown up to challenge me and the you that has come to journey with me, I see all of your beauty.  In this, I can leave behind the repetitive voice that once convinced me that labeling life as good or bad was the only formula.  

My life will unfold in perfect timing.  The culmination of this journey of Jim will see me having left the most spectacular constellation assembled by experiences of joy in many differing forms.

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