You're Dating and You Haven't Found the One?

valentinesdayIt's almost Valentines Day and you're still Wookin Pa Nub?

Are you looking for the one?  Good!  

There are so many versions of where we are when we're single.  Sometimes we're elated to have the freedom and there are the times we tell ourselves we're ok being single, but truly we're not happy.  Other times we're so damn optimistic.  There are ideas that this partnering aspect of us is created by our own desires and these desires can be changed to dealing with being alone.  This is where a lot of people end up. 

We're given so many impulses that express through us as yearning.  We yearn to have a partner that gets us and knows us.  We hope they will one day stroke our hair, make us laugh or offer a foot rub at the end of the evening.  When this magical person doesn't show up we get frustrated and keep searching outside of us for hope.  We might try a new online dating service or the newest book on love to keep the faith.  

It's the same yearning that fills our minds with these dreams that as time goes by can turn our dreams to despair.  

Are you still looking for the one?  I offer you this.  Keep going.  You are on a mission to know love in its deepest expressions.  Keep the yearnings alive as they show where you need to work to find the next depth of yourself that you will offer the one, when they show up.  

You see, the one is the quest for the grail.  The magnificent point of the quest for the grail is not in finding the grail, but learning to enjoy the journey.  

Your soul, where your deepest desires for intimacy reside, know of expressions of love that your mind can't conceive.

It is not love that hurts, it is the task of love that hurts.  As you become more connected to the self, the unrealized soul aspect of you, the deeper expression of love you will shine in the world.  Remember in your down times, that your future counterpart is doing similar work.  

If you are following your heart and keeping your eye on the one, I've got your back.  Your lifetime journey is to become your highest expression of love this world can imagine.  This, my friend, is a deeply purposeful and noble pursuit.  



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