Confidence and Self Esteem are NOT the Same.

Depositphotos 4062731 original 002Confidence can be built by creating identities/roles which have us measure ourselves against other people.

I'm smarter than most people,
I work harder than other people,
I'm better looking than most people,
I know more about spirituality than most people,
I'm healthier than most people,

This story will have us believe that if we have confidence and also have self esteem.  WRONG

Self esteem is created by an inner connection within ourself.  We are not measuring ourselves against other people and how they live their lives.  This is the pathway out of judgement as well.

We will have confidence with self esteem.  However, without self esteem our confidence is based in arrogance.  

The pitfall of working on confidence vs self esteem is that the measurement identities/roles we've created can be swept away in a heart beat.  ie. If our esteem is based in our looks, a car crash could change this in a moment.

When we are connected with our highest self, we do not base our happiness on other people or circumstances.  We know and love our own essence, in turn we're ripe to collect joy, our soul's version of happy.

The result of being connected deeper with ourself is the inner invasion of tenderness.  

The practice of humility is essential. 

On the flipside there is another form of arrogance when we take measurements mentioned above, but come up short.  This is the version that makes us feel not as good as other people.   The ironic part of this path is that humility is still the key.  

For the narcissist, humility, if applied becomes very easily understood.  Those in the co-dependent realm find this teaching more abstract.  


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