Where is That God When I Need Him?

jim sharp rumi temple heartWhy would a loving God do this? Where is God when I'm in pain?  Does God play favorites?  How could God let this happen?

If we are transfixed by the outside world, we remain in a constant state of figuring out why God does this and doesn't do that.  If He's really good, then why wouldn't I live in a mansion and have millions of Twitter followers?  I mean Justin Bieber doesn't deserve it, he's a cad!

The outside world, the distractions, the physical limitations of our bodies, the challenges and the crazy beliefs of others are a part of the journey as a human.  If everything on the outside world made sense, we'd all live in mansions, and all be deeply loved by all humans and violence would not exist.  Would there be an adventure for a human to impart in such a world?

It is in the contrast that makes this world exactly what it is.  Without the contrast, how would we know grief over joy, bad feeling versus good feelings?

Do you want to know God?  Have you ever observed your thoughts?  Maybe even question why the hell those thoughts are rippling through your head?   Who is doing the observation?  Have you ever felt something rather than thought it through?  Maybe this gut feeling has kept you out of harms way?  

The journey to know God is the very essence and core of you.  This core is the conduit for the love and your relationship with the divine.  It is ironic and part of the contrast haze that keeps us seeking answers outside ourselves.  We're constantly building esteem by what others do and are.  

"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." This is a bible quote that leads a lot of people to believe that Jesus is saying that one must be Christian in order to go to heaven.  Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven is within and Christianity did not exist when He spoke these words.  

Jesus' stories are profoundly impactful because they are incredibly rich with radical compassion.  This is why our soul's love Jesus.  In the journey of learning compassion we are changed when we deal with others.  Compassion is not just for the service of others but also for self care in the form of self compassion.  

We as humans have twisted the journey of compassion into a justification for control.  We pray condescendingly for other people to be "saved", we justify the oxymoron, tough love, in order for us to justify our need to control of others and blame it on love and we focus our attention on needing to change others rather than ourselves.  

The kingdom of heaven is within.  That essence of who you truly are is the gateway for the All-Loving God to emerge into the world.  We are all connected to the Beloved, when we really come to know this, we express ourselves in this world as an adventure, not a struggle.  


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