Psychology and Relationship Meme's Not Required

Two people who are interdependents (love themselves as well as another), enjoying a relationship together do not require psychology books and relationship meme's to coach them on their relationship.  

There are a myriad of psychology books that tell us how to experience a good relationship or what a relationship needs in order to work.  It isn't that these books are wrong, it is that there is a cultural story that the more and more tools we can apply to a relationship, the better it will be.  This isn't unlike the desire for happiness through the accumulation of money.  If this much will make me happy, even more will make me happier.  

There is good stuff in these books that activates people on a path to self awareness and understanding better archetypes that flow in relationship.

The problem is the myopic vision this process can create in trying to achieve a successful relationship.  Accumulating a bag of tricks to bring to the table is often just a manipulation of stereotypes.  If our lover doesn't react to our tools, then we feel betrayed.  

The end game of relationship is playing with each other as we each dig deeper within ourselves.  The result is two people expressing more of their authentic self in the world and to each other.  The real definition of intimacy.  

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