I Love My Selfie Stick and I Love Your Selfies!

IMG 20150116 084032Posting a single selfie might get you an unfriending on Facebook or an unfollow on Twitter.  There are a myriad of meme's denouncing the narcissistic practice of selfying.

If you enjoy to selfie, I've got your back!  I have a selfie stick and I'm proud of it!  

The selfie haters close in on their prey, rejoicing and eager to share that they have victoriously found and bagged themselves another narcissist.  Selfie doers are a dime a dozen, so to the selfie hater, the prey is abundant. 

Why hunt a selfier?  

It's a funny thing about people, we are so eager to find disfuntion in the world.  So little effort is put into finding disfunction within ourselves.  In this practice of finding disfunction outside ourselves, we are creating our esteem by what's wrong with other people.  

Narcissism is a disfunction.  

The question is... is a selfie an indicator of narcissism?

Narcissism is simply a condition of a person thinking of themselves more than others.  If someone builds their esteem through the way they look, this would be a disfunction of building esteem outside ourself.  This person would be measuring themselves against others.  The problem is that in the blink of an eye, this form of esteem can be swept away.  

If someone points a camera at themselves does this mean you've bagged a narcissist?  How the hell would you know?  What if the person who has committed the selfie attrocity is actually connected with their highest self?  What if they are celebrating who they are and sharing with you their joy?  

Arrogance is to the ego as magnificence is to the soul.  

In our stereotyping mindsets we love to bundle people up to meet our expectation of the way the world should look.  This is another disfunction as powerful as being narcissistic.  We'd label this disfunction, being judgemental.

So.... should you start trying to figure out if someone is coming from soul or ego?  No!  Love people and as you find yourself wanting to question others disfunctions, go inside and see where this exists within yourself.


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