War is Created in the Mind

Depositphotos 17002467 originalWe create all of our prejudice, separation and disconnect through our thinking minds.  Our minds create static beliefs in the form of nouns.  If you want to bring people into the joy of what you believe, show them with your actions.  We try so hard to crowbar people with our beliefs.  We brandish our beliefs believing that if we say the words enough, this will cause people to see the world as we do.  

Jesus! Peace! God! Buddha!

As meaningful as these words are to you, their spirit doesn't live inside other's minds.  In fact, it is in the fighting over the words, as to why they are repelled. Bring them to their hearts.  Speak in actions, using verbs instead of nouns.  These are universal messages that go directly to the heart.

If you love Jesus, emulate compassion.  If you want peace, be a giver of blessings.  If you want people to know God as you do, offer love.  If you dig on the Buddha, live mindfully. 

If people "feel" your sincerity, they are much more likely to listen.

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