Facebook is the Devil Man!

Many moons ago, an acquaintance, in a state of inebriation, exclaimed, "copies are the devil man".  That artifact from my history, has remained as an inner dialogue I process as I contemplate life.  I've come to know that the way the common culture operates is by divvying into right from wrong incessantly.  

In this mindset, we float from truth to truth, pronouncing we know what the devil looks like.  Watching too much TV becomes the illness that makes what is wrong with the world.  Being a certain political party is the devil man.  Going to the gym is the devil.  Not going to the gym is the devil.  

These are all opinions and often we stake our "belief" of what we think is right around these conclusions.  

This process of devilizing is a tennis match where there is no winner, a never ending volley.  When something is deviled, at this level of consciousness, there will always be an opposing returned deviling.   

The simple answer to stepping out of this frustrating game is to stop looking to the exterior world for what is true.  It is an inner journey of self discovery where truth lies. When our inner state begins to reach deeper levels, our exterior world changes.  

Facebook isn't the devil.  It is simply a matter of what we do with it.  We might not like what other people post or how they use social media, but again, the journey is about what we do with it.  We can "like" and "share" higher levels of consciousness.  When we look into the enormity of the problems this world faces, the is a lovely platform where we can be the change.  

What's your perspective?   

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