Humility is not very popular

humiltyHumility is the spiritual concept that saved me from drowning at one point on my journey.  It has been of main focus in my own path ever since.  I've come to know that humility is NOT marketable and is not a popular topic.  

A very popular reaction I receive when talking about humility is the glazed over eyes and the oh oh, then silence so we can change to a more pleasing topic.  I've come to know through my social media posts, that humility is by far the least interesting for those that follow me.  

It's been a lonely topic for me, having to swift through many people just kick this concept around. 

This has left me feeling isolated at times.  However, when I look out at the world and see what's popular, these are the things that have degraded our society into what it is.  So, finding something unpopular, just might be the ticket!

If you can wipe the glaze from your eyeballs, let me give you my reasoning behind humility being so powerful... (and I'll talk about sex if you stick around)

"Humility is kryptonite for the ego."  

Eckhart Tolle has stated in this way, "In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same."

Our culture functions in a deep state of narcissism, on an individual level and amongst groups.  Narcissism is simplified in our culture for use as talking points only.  The truth of narcissism is much more multi-faceted.  It is quite narcissistic to think we're better than others, yes, but the opposite is also true about those that think they are lesser than others.  I wasn't thinking outside myself while in my depression. To quote from Mary Poppins, "it's an inability to not see past our own nose". 

In Eckhart Tolle's statement, when we understand at the level of the soul that we're not better than or less than others, there is no comparison.  Good self esteem is inevitable and humility brings us to this place.

"How We Avoid Humility"

For most, humility is just an abstract concept.  The paradoxes faced in the practice are confusing.  An example might be the thought that if I were to act humble, then I'll get walked over.  This is very real obstacle.  However, after truly practicing humility, it does the exact opposite and creates amazing personal power.  (I'll get to that)

"I don't do yoga because I'm not flexible".  Once I'm more flexible, then I'll try it out."  It is the practice of yoga to become flexible, for God's sake!  So why do our minds allow us to justify a way to avoid experiences?  Because, it requires humility to not be best right away.  We get the word humility from humiliate.  When we attend a yoga class the first time their is a good chance we won't be a pro.  We might even really look silly.  It is when we own this silly and act in the face of the possibility of looking silly.  

If you want to know where you skip humility, see what you keep avoiding. The only way to look silly is if we measure ourselves against other people.  So if you attend a class as a new experience, pay attention to those that rock.  Know that there was a day, when they too walked into class for the very first time.  BTW: We receive our word humility from the word humiliation.  It is the distortion of our view of what humiliation looks like that poses the problem.  

Congratulations!  Any activity or experience you put yourself into where you were new, you were practicing humility. 

"Humility for Perspective"

The story of our culture is justifying our narcissism and making it acceptable.  

One spiritual practice using humility is to help understand the perspective of another person.  This means truly listening and understanding someone's journey. In this, we then can experience vicariously through someone else's world.  The more and more we practice, we don't contaminate our own story with theirs.  After practicing in this, we can communicate on a deep level.  The spiritual seeker then becomes the nectar collector absorbing and reveling with another's joy as well as their own.   God's textured nature begins reveal itself in this.

This is a boredom fixer also, don't you know.

"I tell it like it is!"

I work with and speak with a lot of light workers.  A lot of them describe their work to me and reveal that they have the "I'm able to call people on their shit".  As a lightworker, we must have the ability to have a perspective outside someone's experiences, this is where we agree.  This is key to helping people reveal their unconscious and offer helpful concepts for them to deepen.  

There are two major problems I see with this course approach.  The idea of shaking people to show them their shit is an egoic venture.  This is very mind centered approach and lacks heart.  Though the rationale is that I'm doing them a favor and that will help their heart, it is ego.  

The other is modeling.  We live in a sick world and when we try to use the lower vibrational tools to wake people to a higher consciousness, we're modeling the same sickness. Showing someone where their story is getting into their progress is necessary, but can be done with heart.  If a therapist is successful in helping someone in this manner, the therapist has sent this person into the world to try and help in the same way.  I call this the crow bar technique.  

"Humility for Tenderness"

Tenderness is what radiates from a loving unconditional heart.  Tenderness is necessary for non-judgement.  Tenderness is gained through humility. It opens a path to coming closer to experiencing the perspectives of others. In this practice we move from sympathy to the depth of empathy because we then can relate with real compassion as we understand their experience with ours.   

"Natural Crap Detector"

"Man's best ability is to find the hypocrisy in others.  This runs hypocritical to man's worst ability, which is to find the hypocrisy within himself."  We learn from our cultural narrative to sniff out arrogance in others with talent of a bloodhound.  What our culture doesn't teach is that arrogance is to the ego as magnificence is to the soul.  This one-dimensional crap detector lacks the ability to distinguish magnificence from arrogance.  If we don't practice humility, we can't see the magnificence in others.

"Humility Becomes us"

Just like when we learn to throw a ball, it is clunky and the "fundamentals need to be taught and practice.  After awhile, we don't think about throwing the motion and the feel is automatic.  Humility is conceptual at first.  But like other spiritual practices, they entangle themselves into our being.  

"Humility heats up the bedroom"

An overwhelming reason people find dissatisfaction in relationships is a lack of intimacy.  We're sent impulses to continue to evolve and deepen.  If this doesn't happen, worlds crumble, expectations rise until we leave relationships or succomb to a lower form of intimacy.  Our culture lives in a low frequency, so the tools we look for in this outer world are again, negotiations between two egos.  "I'll initiate sex this week if you'll do it next week."  If you're asking for deeper intimacy, this really isn't what your asking for.  

We live in a culture where the story is right and wrong, black and white.  Churches fill out their list of do's and don'ts and then argue their case ad nauseum.  When we begin to see outside this story, live the yin yang, surf paradoxes, God becomes larger, higher truth reveals itself, not in black and white but in brilliantly colored textures.   

This opens a juicy path to melting deeper into God through intimacy.  Of course intimacy doesn't have to just happen through sex, but I will stick with this to keep other reader's interest.  

When we can relate to the metaphor of experiencing God in nuances rather than a set of rules, this opens a path to melting deeper into God.  We have our own experiences with the Divine.  When we're vulnerable and tender hearted, we can share our experiences with our partner.  We will, in exchange, experience theirs.  In order for this to happen humility is required for tenderness and also vulnerability, a key ingredient in the practice of humility. The story will shift about sex and orgasm to higher level metaphors.  The friction of sex can become a furnace used in mutual togetherness to burn each other's karma.  The act of sex is one of vulnerability, an active prayer bringing more revelations from the Beloved.   

In the vulnerability and tenderness, we gift to our partner to see the world through our eyes deepening into relationship with God.  Myself, being a visual learner, I relate with the character in the 80's movie Beastmaster.  He had the ability to see through the eyes of animals.  In this case, when we're fully vulnerable, we invite our partner to see the world through our eyes. 



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