The Math of God

jim-sharp-schoolofdeepening-living-in-math-of-godMartin Buber, a jewish philosopher came to share an experience of I - Thou relationships vs. I - it relationships.  In an I - Thou relationship, we are in oneness with an object, animal or person.  In an I - it relationship, we are in relationship where we are separate from the object, animal or person.  In a given day, we are exposed to millions of opportunities for either I - it or I - Thou relationships. 

As an example of a common daily experience, we might find ourselves at the grocery store.  As we go through the check out, we'll be full of thoughts of things that need to be done later in the day.  In this instance, our subconscious will do the checking out and provide the necessary societal functions, like paying and small talk with the cashier.  The cashier is playing a role and we are playing a role.  In our experience, the relationship we've created between us and the cashier is an I - it.  We are the I and they are the it.  

We are faced with this choice the moment we wake.  In fact, it might start with a look at an inanimate object like our alarm clock. When that alarm sounds it might have us curse the clock for needing to wake us, or we might experience gratitude for it functioning as it should.

 I've been the guy to judge people who try to find the positive in all of life.  I've stuck snide remarks for those who hug trees, or thank God constantly.  They don't understand "reality" I would tell myself.  I've finally woken to the understanding that they have simply been doing the math of God.  The formula is a quite simple addition problem with an omnipresent God.  In all of the I - Thou relationships I can muster in a day, I can add all the gratitude and recognition of the Beloved.  In all of the I - it relationships I've created and experience in life, I've separated myself from God.

If the whole meaning of life is to walk in grace with the Beloved, we can bring in the logic of math.  Metaphysics can seem "out there" and woo woo, however in a God that exists everywhere and in everything, (S)He will also exist in logic and reason.


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