Kind words

Jim always brings his own extraordinary mixture of presence, wisdom, and humor to his events. He belongs to the new class of teachers who mingle humility and mastery in their work of transformation.
~Jacob Nordby author of The Divine Arsonist


With Jim Sharp's strong character and authentic nature, he leaves people feeling like the know, like, and trust him. His ability to engage the audience seems effortless as he masterfully weaves story and lesson. Jim is an excellent speaker and an asset to any venue who books him. 

~Elaina McMillan, On-Air Personality, Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert

I had the great privilege of coaching Jim in two comedy workshops. During our many conversations together, I got to know Jim as a rare individual, with great wisdom and a genuine desire to know and love others. He's naturally funny with a penchant for laughing at himself. Jim brings tremendous warmth and authenticity to the stage, sharing his own humanity in a way that invites the audience to embrace their own. He speaks from the heart, to the heart. I'm excited to see Jim share his gifts with many others, as his memorable presence will leave every audience a little more enlightened, and thoroughly inspired.

~Kristina Hall, Professional Comedian, Facilitator of the Inner Comic 

I took Jim's Untangle your Knots workshop. I had no real idea what the class was about and it ended up being an evening that changed my life. During the class Jim took us through a guided mediation to work on any history we may be carrying into the present. Through the direction in the meditation, I was able to heal a past event that immediately moved me into compassion, love, peace and grace. I knew I was different from that class. I felt different and I was thinking differently. I just couldn't put it all into words. Then 2 weeks later, I ended up in the ER. What transpired over the next month was nothing short of miraculous. I had unknowingly been growing cancer in my body for at least three years. I truly believe that when I healed that past event, I no longer was in resonance with the cancer and subsequent events were set into motion that saved my life. Jim is an amazing instructor, and whatever class you take from him, I am sure you will experience a profound benefit in your daily life. In Peace,

~Crystal Psychotherapist

Jim was instrumental in helping me to quickly clear some old patterns that were tripping me up with relationships. He effortlessly affirmed my ability to trust and love myself first, clearing the way to enter into a new way of being in relationship with others.

His clear minded awareness of body, mind and Spirit is a gift to us at this time, when so many are beginning to awaken to our divinity and BE-ing. He assists with a road map for each of us to discover our own unique path and place in today's world.

And very importantly, he helps men to awaken to our important masculine role, and assists with dating women who are continuing to step into their divine feminine power.

~Todd Graves

When you get an opportunity to meet Jim you'll discover he's on a personal journey of saying "yes" and seeing where life takes him. While this is both courageous and inspiring, as someone who has never viewed herself as an eloquent speaker, "yes" was a forgotten word in my vocabulary when approached with the idea of taking one of Jim's Improv classes. No, still no, and oh yes NO, however, were readily available. While my stance on an Improv class stood firmly at no, in my evaluation of why, I understood the culprit to be fear of the unknown and nervousness of being in an unplanned situation. For me, these emotions have no place in my journey toward living a fulfilling, "joy filled" life. Motivated to conquer this mindset and avoid using fear as lifetime pass to avoid personal growth and expansion, I gave in and can honestly say if I can do it, anyone can and should! Jim's workshops are fun, educational, and accessible to all experience levels. If more people take stock in why they say no and have the courage and strength to investigate, the world's combined potential to affect positive change would improve exponentially! Additionally, we'd discover we're not alone in our experiences and that overcoming these limitations can actually be joyful and liberating. Thank you Jim for your encouragement and mentorship.
~ Christina W


Very - poly - luminescent!

Very sincere warm and genuine dip into the swimming pool of melting hearts!

~Mark J.

The sharing among men and women is so enlightening.


Loved the research you brought to our evening class and the wisdom and insights to look at all my relationships with love.

~Rosale M.

My gift from that experience was that I was able to give back to myself appreciation for  who  I'am  and to let go in this lifetime. The major healing  that took place came  from the unconditional love  that God has  for us. I  now  feel a deeper appreciation for who I'am I feel that in every heart beat...literally.
A more direct connection to the divine. In turn, I appreciate more  the people that are in my life, strangers that I come across. Now I'm ready for the miracles to come into my life and hope to be of more of service to others. Because things can only  get better from now on right!  Love heals.
One more thing I want to add to my feedback. You're  awesome!  And you created an open space for everyone to share what they were feeling throughout the process, which made things a lot easier.
~Jessica R. 

Jim Sharp came in to share his expertise with my junior high school theater class, and it could not have been a bigger success! The students loved working with Jim on their improvisational skills, and I appreciated the professional manner in which he worked with them, while still having way too much fun! His enthusiasm was contagious, and help made the kids feel comfortable in trying new things, and stepping out of their comfort zone on the stage. I would recommend Jim for any group that needs to learn how to say yes!
Nancy Holaday
Director of Theater Arts, USCO 

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