Jim Sharp is a natural guide and mentor for those seeking truth and balance in their life, work, and self development.  He is a speaker, coach, spiritual counselor, motivator, professional actor and enthusiastic lover of life.  

jim-sharp-joyologistThrough his courageous approach to living, he shows up in the world with unapologetic authenticity. He boldly removes all masks, taking the risk to be vulnerable and thereby opening himself up to the fullest expression of himself. In doing so, it puts him in the right place to be a pure light and guide for others ready to chip away at that which is masking their core.

He and his corresponding work bestow a generous offering of insight and tools for conscious living and for those in pursuit of their own truth, at a time when living authentically couldn't be more crucial for our own humanity and the evolution of life on this planet.

He is a minister, soul friend and one seriously joyful individual. His teachings come from his own experiences and are articulated through the works of Rumi, Carl Jung, Jesus and many other avatars of spirituality and philosophy.

He has been deemed a life alchemist, understanding that every experience in life has been put for our amusement and guidance to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Jim's gift has been in understanding that everyone's path is different and unique. He came to know that there are 3 principles that are found in all paths, when followed as an outline can help seekers move quicker along their own individual path.

Jim's work is based both on corporeal (body) or real world level, but also to the ethereal level. Jim is a practioner of different energy modalities.