Jim Sharp‘s mission is to end the epidemic of terminal seriosity. He is an actor, workshop facilitator, and spiritual guide for those seeking beyond the trendy notions of life. Jim is also a poet, delighted human being, and humble servant and recipient of joy.

194486 4765275655743 1769775790 oI played two years of high school football.  I mostly played left out.  I was 6 foot tall and just shy of 130lbs.  I was a receiver and the second slowest person on the team.  I was forced into the humbled daily role.  Cut to my early twenties when I began playing weekend warrior football.  I had been lifting weights and blossomed into quite a player.  It was an odd experience to be one of the top players others wanted on their team, including ex-college players.  I was quite a quarterback.  I remember one play where I hit my receiver square in the hands and he dropped it.  He walked back to the huddle fully dejected and said, "you aren't going to throw me the ball, are you?"  Immediately, the words, "catch the damn ball!" came rushing from my mouth.  It was in that moment I realized I had went from humble, to an asshole.  

I share this story as a testiment to my weird and wacky life.  I've had the opportunity to see the sides of so many different perspectives.  I've tranversed between conservatism and radical liberalism.  I've worked with my hands in an autoshop and worked for years in a bank.  All this to share that where I am now comes through a lot of experience and a good bit of conceptual learning.  I've traversed most of the dysfunction I speak about in my speeches, in my comedy and through counseling and life coaching.  

My work revolves around the idea of "as above so below".  We are all walking paths between this world and the spirit world.  We can experience radical amounts of joy when we learn to traverse these worlds as organic rhythms.  My experience with counseling revolves around transpersonal psychology.  This is basically being open to watch how real world psychology meets our connection with our spiritual nature.  

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."-A.Einstein

No matter your political affiliation, we can agree that we live in quite interesting times.  We live in a world where teen suicide is rising, we are vastly divided politically and have a high divorce rate.  With much chaos, there is vast amounts of room for growth.  The idea of staying inside a comfort zone is quite allusive, even if we put all of our effort into it.  I believe we are all unique individuals, but we are interdependent with each other.