Sep 6th - 30 Days to Bliss - You are an Artist

You are an Artist. This exercise to practice looking and seeing what is in front of you. Seeing and being aware without all of the other thoughts, opinions,fears, invalidation like... "No, I can't drawn"," I'm not good at this", "This isn't my skill".....none of this. You will drawn an object without looking to the paper. Yep you don't look at the drawing  just your subject.  Oh and you'll be using your non dominate hand.

Tools: some kind of timer, a pencil, or pen  paper, clipboard or something to support your paper and something to look at, it could be a flower, a bottle, a book, a chair, anything really .

Set your timer for 8 minutes
Sit and put your object 2 feet in front of you, place your blank paper on the table for support.
Pick up the pencil or pen with your non dominate hand, yes the one you don't use.
Put the pencil in the center of the paper, then look then at your object, not your hand. What do you see? Look, there is a edge, move your eye along the edge you see and move your hand with the pencil,  following it. Never look at the page, you just look at your object follow its edges and its shapes and move you hand in sync with what you see. Just look, whatever you see just follow it with you eye and hand. Relax, slow down, look, move your hand. Don't look at the paper. Once the timer rings, then have a look. Sure the drawing will not look like the object, the goal here is to get you comfortable  with just looking and seeing your object. Set the timer again, turn your page over, start again. The goal here is to just be there with your object, following its shape, moving your hand in sync with you eye........

Pay attention to what you see not what you assume, you think, know, wonder... here you just look, see, period.