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Please contact me before pre-paying if you are a new patient.  I’m taking fewer psychotherapy patients.

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We live in an amazing world.
When I finally gave myself permission to explore self help material, I devoured books and audio as fast as I could.  I was become conceptually rich, but experientially limited.  I could drop quotes into conversations, but my experience in living these ideas was quite limited.  After feeling the affects of patches of arrested development, I gave life coaches and spiritual mentors a try and that’s when my real growth exploded.  They helped me to understand that all the concepts I learned, I was  filtering them through the life lens I was trying to leave behind.
Now I help people navigate through past conditioning and current thinking to help them experience more of this amazing world.  People enjoy working with me, because I don’t discriminate.  I offer every position I share as a choice, not a judgement.
We explore the many levels of being human… career, service, spiritual, relationships,  health, mind.

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I was introduced to soul friending when I found my mentor.  He is an Anam Cara (soul friend) from the Celtic tradition.
The Celtic people traveled long distances to spend time with their Anam Cara.  Technology helps us bypass this piece of the relationship.  Our conscious conversations are dictated on your experiences of life.

How does soul friending differ from psychotherapy and life coaching?  The idea of soul friending is less structured than life coaching or psychotherapy.

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Jim’s Deliberate Communication Method™ serves to provide a simple system to offer better communication skills to employees. Companies are successful when their employees are motivated to offer exceptional customer service and to act in a manner that communicates the values of the organization.
Jim offers private consulting sessions, content rich talks and experiential training.
Private sessions – in person – $200 per hour + Travel / video chat $200 per hour
Contact for pricing for talks and training sessions


Jim’s experience includes buying and selling of 30+ single family homes.  He purchased and/or controlled all these homes using other people’s credit and/or other people’s money.
The following are areas in which I can speak about;

  • Buying houses subject to the existing financing aka using other people’s credit to buy homes
  • Buying homes using land trusts
  • Overcoming objections when using creative purchasing options
  • The best marketing techniques
  • Many different options to buying and controlling homes
  • Where to find quality education (REI is saturated with Trump University types “systems”)  There are better and more economical options available.  This alone is worth an hour of consulting.
  • I’ve had 13 years of conscientious land lording.

* I’m not qualified to provide legal advice.
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Jim’s speaks on variety of motivational, psychological and human communication topics.  He uses humor that he’s derived through his many experiences in improv and stand up comedy to provide a pathway to deeper understanding.
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Email me for address to send a check or send money via Paypal to homeguy71@gmail.com or contact me if you want to use a credit card with different pricing.