SELF esteem?

There’s a huge difference between esteem and self esteem. When we measure ourselves against others, we are practicing to create esteem. When we stop measuring ourselves against the external world, we are free.

Life is but a Dream

If you could dream and experience everything you believe would make you happy, you would eventually become bored. It would become mundane. You would then ask to be surprised and you will like the excitement that comes from those mysterious challenging dreams. You come to realize that the surprise “challenges” are the gift of the journey.
Are you simply living this reality day to day?

Winter is for Roots

For those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) like me… a twist in attitude can go a very long way.

Anger is an Agent of Change.

Where do you want the storyline of your life to go?
Anger is a powerful emotion that has the ability to direct the next step on our journey. Anger will either corrode and diminish the story line or it can become the canary in the mine shaft warning us when we are sabotaging our own happiness.

Turning Wounds into Freedom!

It is counter intuitive that it is our struggles that liberate us from the lies we tell ourselves.

What’s the Root of the Discord?

Couples often focus most or all of their attention on the details of the how a fight went down. What is lost in this blinded focus is the root of why feelings were hurt and emotions ran high. Discovering the root of the issues is where the good stuff is gained for deepening relationships.