Good Relationship with Anger

The repression of anger in our culture is the default method of dealing with it. Repressed anger becomes frozen and is expressed through passive aggression and isolation. Creating a relationship with anger doesn’t mean we get to wildly swing anger at people. It means that we deal with the roots of where anger originates. Anger then no longer is our traveling companion.

We Start the Process

We must be what we want to attract. It’s common practice to want happiness, and then seek it outside of us by relying on the current circumstances to make us happy. This is forcing it. We have to change first, then our circumstances change around us.

Giving Children Guidelines

In a world saturated in junk values, teaching children virtues, provides a guideline for juicy living. #parenting

Are our Companions Liberators or Saboteurs to Our Best Life?

We often choose people who have weathered a storm or two with us. At some point along our path we may choose to move to a better paradigm to live within. Perhaps it is moving from a expectation (control) to expectancy (magic) experience. Major shifts in how we experience the world happen most in how we deal with life when it turns sideways.
ie: What if our best friend’s default is to show up in a down period with a bottle of alcohol (to escape) and supports us through all our patterns of limited thought while we are in an emotional state? Will we have shifted paradigms or reinforced the same ol? This isn’t a post about getting rid of friends, it’s about how much authority we give people when we are in a limited perspective state.

Has Communication taken Place?

If we want our relationships to flourish, we need to deliberately take on the task of becoming a good communicator. This path is often ambiguous, which creates the chaos we experience in our lives. I have created a model called the Deliberate Communication Model, which helps as a guidewire through the uncertainty that comes up along the way.

Why do we Believe we are anything but Great?

You are as extraordinary as everything else in this world. Any thoughts against this idea are fine examples of fiction.