Drinking Alcohol

We live in a culture where alcohol is a very popular activity.  Alcohol is not easily processed by the body, impairs decision making and is high in calories.

Recommendation:  Avoid, low consumption.   When it comes to healthy decisions, we know our bodies better than anyone else.  Pay attention consciously to the feedback your body sends you.  The hardest part of this with alcohol or any food is being honest with ourselves.

Online Dating

Online dating consists of at least two elements of practice that inhibit growth.  the first is the objectification of human beings.  The other is the creation and practice of stereotyping.  Bad kissers, text buddies etc. are examples of dating stereotypes.
Online dating also is much more likely to a practice of finding a egomate vs. the deeper idea of a soul mate.

Recommendation:  Avoid.   Bring the mystery back into dating and throw away an Amazon shopping experience of finding another human being.  Find activities that you like and also new activities that will stretch your comfort zone.


A huge problem, psychologically with television, is the passive nature of how it molds our minds.  The content is the next piece to consider.  Watching lot’s of drama or violent content, with an intention to live more peacefully, might not be a good match.

Recommendation:  Make television watching a conscious decision.  Pay attention to why you are watching.  Is this a means to avoid life?  Limit television as much as possible.  As much as we can justify our watching time, there are better activities for inspiring a better life.


Intimacy is meant to reveal hidden layers of love that are not readily available alone.  The use of pornography is to satiate sexual desires.  This is quite easily justified within our culture, as immediate gratification is a popular way of living.  The psychological piece that is mostly overlooked is how pornography influences our choices and how we interact with the world.

To argue against this, would be the same as arguing that advertising doesn’t work.  To truly seek intimacy, we must reveal ourselves to the other person.  When we watch pornography, we are bringing other people into the conversation.