I cut my hair with a Flowbee, I tend to overeat sushi and enjoy long walks on the beach.

At 34, I made a life changing choice that caused me to question all of my thinking.  I had taken the first steps on to a self improvement journey.  At first, I believed myself to be special as I was expanding and doing things others weren’t doing.  I finally came to realize there was simply nothing special about me, other than the fact that I choose a different way to be in my lifetime.  I just changed the stories I was living under.

– I was determined to never skydive.
– I was afraid to speak in public
– I was a clydesdale runner, not capable of speedy times
– I was afraid of vast adventures
* I gleefully jumped out of a plane
* I have done stand up comedy
* I placed in the top 25% in a 1/2 marathon
* I traversed the trek to Everest base camp.

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Grateful to put olympic coaches through improv fun!

Why do I wear white?

Many years ago when I began studying psychology a story about Carl Jung, a noted psychiatrist.  He had offered, later in his career, that what he found had the most impact on his patients was his ability to get out of his own way.  Allowing patients to be exactly who they were without judgement was key to his success.  It was stated that his research and experience was important, but not as important as his own state of being during sessions.
This had a true impact as I worked through my own self improvement and psychology.  White is the color that reflects all other colors.  I wear white to represent that when I’m in a session, I need to be available for all that shows up, not just my favorite colors.