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Other stuff:  I have an aerial photography business, I’m a wedding officiant and I have learned many Adobe products by watching Youtube.
YBf – Your Biggest Fan
As a young man, I always had an appreciation for Jesus.  The stories of this man and his compassion for people whom we normally shutter away into the corners of society fascinated me.   I figured He had a different way of seeing people.  I liked some and didn’t like others.
Your Biggest Fan became a challenge to myself to find the beauty within everyone.  I signed all my correspondence this way.  Knowing that anyone could question me about my intentions at any time.
What I have learned from this is that people are not inherently bad, because we are human, will have bad behavior.
White?  Dude… it’s after Labor Day!
I do wear other colors, but for most of my professional I have chosen to wear white.  For me, white symbolizes the reflection of all the colors.  To be the best at what I do and to be open to new learning, I knew I needed to see beyond judgments.  Wearing white reminds me of my challenges to become the best at what I do.

At 34, I made a life changing choice that caused me to question all of my thinking.

– I was determined to never skydive.
– I was afraid to speak in publiic
– I was a clydesdale runner, not capable of speedy times
– I was afraid of vast adventures
* I gleefully jumped out of a plane
* I have done stand up comedy
* I placed in the top 25% in a 1/2 marathon
* I traversed the trek to Everest base camp.

I recognized along the way that I had been telling myself stories that trapped me in a smaller world. These stories were reinforced by the culture and my own need for comfort and safety. I began questioning these stories and changing them to what I wanted to experience.
The catalyst to these changes was not as big as people might believe.  It was simply a matter of questioning my thoughts and actions.  This is what I help people do in psychotherapy and soul friending sessions.  Find the looping stories and help people replace them with better ones.