Meet Jim:
Speaker | Trainer | Author | Coach | Psychotherapist | Anam Cara


Jim Sharp is an expert within interpersonal relationships.  He brings a unique set of skills to his training and speaking engagements that he developed through improv and stand up comedy, acting and his studies in philosophy and psychology.

Jim offers powerful experiential courses for businesses to provide the best bang for the buck in empowering organizations to improve communication in the workplace and with customers.  He offers talks based on his Deliberate Communication Method™ where the ominous subject of communication is simplified and shared through humor and real-life practical application.    

“With Jim Sharp’s strong character and authentic nature, he leaves people feeling like the know, like, and trust him. His ability to engage the audience seems effortless as he masterfully weaves story and lesson. Jim is an excellent speaker and an asset to any venue who books him.”
Elaina McMillan, On-Air Personality, Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert